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With the rising dangers of crime and demonstrations of fear based oppression in our nation, security watchmen ought to be set up to alleviate dangers and become a power multiplier with Law Enforcement in the endeavors of avoiding wrongdoing. Security watchmen ought to be prepared at a higher bore, so they comprehend the basics of insurance to do mission targets to stop, recognize, postponement and react to potential dangers. A security watches fundamental mission is to ensure a customer's advantages which incorporate individuals, property and the notoriety of the association.

Our security watches are envoys of the customers they secure, guaranteeing top quality security administrations and demonstrable skill. J4S security protects are prepared above industry measures and are hand chosen from our preparation foundation. No other security watch organization has the authority and security foundations that J4S Security initiative conveys to our customers. Established by United States Marines, J4S Security is the Tip of the Spear with regards to proficient assurance administrations.

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J4S Security offers three dimensions of security assurance benefits that are altered to our customer's prerequisites. Through our security preparing abilities, our staff is the best prepared in the business. Each security officer is a person on call ensured in First Aid, CPR and with an AED. Our equipped security officers who are Special Response Officers (SRO) are prepared Sharpshooters and must pass concentrated preparing necessities to be qualified as a SRO, and this additionally incorporates confirmations in non-deadly weapons and crisis the executives.